Gypsy Vin Rose

Gypsy Vin Rose was formed in 2007, shortly after singer Penny Espinoza and guitarist Nico Espinoza II met.  The husband and wife duo started creating music together almost from day one, with their first original song One More Day...With You; about the loss of Penny's mother and father...and what one could do with only 'one more day' with lost loved ones. 

Only You was the second single the couple collaborated on; which was released in 2012 and is available by the download on CDBaby and various music outlets; including Amazon and iTunes.  Many more original songs have followed, including the title cut to their album in-the-works, Wanderlust; also available by the download through CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, and international media markets as well. 

Gypsy Vin Rose has travelled far and wide in their 71 VW bus Peniki; sharing their music with listeners where ever they should venture.  And in 2013, they became full-time tiny house dwellers when they bought their vintage caravan.  They have-since remodeled their island bungalow-on-the-go, they so lovingly call Mermaid Mansion...and have plans to take their musical family on the road to destinations unknown.  Through words and music-- by-way of acoustical 12 string, Spanish guitar, mandolin, ukulele, piano/keyboard, and various other instruments.  --GVR conveys their feelings and experiences to the world.  Welcoming listeners into a family of performers with nomadic tendencies, seeking the next big adventure.

See them on the video and song, on their YouTube channel.  Follow the daily lives and happenings of GVR; currently on hiatus on a Gulf Coastal island, as they wrap up the renovation Mermaid Mansion. 

*Penny Espinoza is also a published author.  Her children's book 'Monday... Super-Fun Day' is available in e-book and hardcover through various online outlets, such as Amazon, Barnes &,, and internationally.  Teaching the days of the week in non-calendar form (beginning with Monday), Monday...Super-Fun Day takes young readers on a fun and colorful expedition in learning, with a new adventure each day of the week.  

Visit Penny's author page at  She is also the author of Sophi's Shoe Fetish: Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Femmetastique Shoes published in 2008.  Monday... Super-Fun Day is Penny's first children's book, and her first efforts at illustrating with water colors.        

"I don't make the music.  The music Makes me."

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