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~ Only You

~ One More Day With You

~ Wanderlust

~ Time

~ Take Me To the Beach

~ Love the Life You Live

~ The Journey 

~ Gypsy Cry

~ Back To You

~ Down Key West Way

~ Tears From the Sky

~ Hold Me Close and Love Me

~ The Big Seashore

~ Take My Soul Out To Sea

~ Folklorico

~ You Don't Love Me

~ Living on Island Time

~ Galveston

~ The Flowers in the Prairies

~ Back When We Were Kids

~ The Journey (remix)

~ Forever Love (instrumental)



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'The Journey'

                "I don't make the music.  The music makes me."
                                           -- Gypsy Vin Rose 2015                                      

                                 ~~ A Message to Our Listeners ~~

Only listeners can make an artist's dreams come true. The words and music of our lives...pour out in the form of song. We share our melodic stories with the world. Our lives lay in the balance of whether or not we affect our listeners enough for them to invest in our work.

We offer, for less than the price of a soda, our songs by the those of you who take the time to listen and support new artists the world-over.

If it weren't for you...the listener, the perso...n who doesn't mind giving so much...for so little cost, our voices would be silent.

You...make it very worth it for the Independent Artist. We thank you for your support.

Please take the time to listen to this testament of love; for husbands and wives, lovers and friends. And if you like our work, please...won't you contribute to our dream by downloading Only You, Wanderlust, or The Journey online through various media outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Reverbnation, BandCamp, or many...many others.

For less than the price of a soda, you'll be changing our lives...forever.

                                     ~~ About Gypsy Vin Rose ~~

Indie Artists Nicolas and Penny Espinoza -- Gypsy Vin Rose; have traveled across the country in their vintage VW van Peniki to share their original songs with all walks of people they've met along the way.  Gypsy Vin Rose writes, composes, and performs songs with a sound that is all their own; telling a story in every verse.  

While their music is hard to contain in one genre, they resonate comfortably with the genres of Folk & Gypsy Soul, Flaminco, and Calypso Island music; pop-country, too.  

GVR performs with the simple sounds of acoustics and vocals; rarely using special effects.  What you hear on record is what you'll hear on stage.  

The name Gypsy Vin Rose evolved from their daughter's middle name and from a way of life; free spirited and non-conforming in many ways.  Traveling from state to to town in their 40 year-old VW Westfalia eventually labeled the duo 'Gypsies' by many who came to know them along the way.

The music of GVR tells tales of love, loss, happiness in life and faith in God, but focuses as well on their travels, and memories made out there on the road--giving in to Wanderlust.  

GVR is currently on hiatus on an island in The Gulf of Mexico; writing more original songs while they stay busy with their young daughter, and many other entrepreneurial ventures.  Their music is available for sale by the download at online music stores, and on  

Penny Espinoza is also a published author, currently working on a fiction novel and a children's book.  Her first novel Sophi's Shoe Fetish: Life, Love, and The Pursuit of Femmetastique Shoes was published in 2008 and has received 5 Star reviews.   




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